December 7, 2019

BY Maverickforlife

"Mr Mention's" brand new video from his new song "Trust" is causing a stir among fans and obvious nonfans alike. Ardent fans totally love the video and praise "the Banton" for his return to the foundation style Reggae music that was accustomed to being played IN the dance "HALLS", with the pronounced "drum and BASS". However (and as usual) there are those who are critical of the video because of the  women "twerking" saying that "the dancers were...irrelevant" with "too much dancing" and "darkness". Even being disappointed with a "white girl" in the video. I scratch my head at some of things people think and say most times, but I'm sure many will say the same about this and what I say and have said before, so "it is what it is". "The video should have been more serious..." Is another thing said including that they don't like the "Illuminati" influences in it because of the "triangle sign", etc.

Personally, I'm happy that (so far) the "Gargamel" is keeping it close to the original "RIDDIMS" of the good ole "dance HALL" days. As long as he does, I'll keep on playing them. Maybe other artists (especially the veterans) will take notice that they don't have to "crossover" or "adulterate" the REGGAE sound and beat, in order to "buss" or go "viral" these days. Curious what you think? .CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO