February 12, 2020

By Maverickforlife

No doubt we live in a disposable world.

We acquire...we use...then when we have no more need of...we throw away. Unfortunately...we treat human beings the same way as we do "things". How can we change that mentality going forward?

We have to figure out ways to support our elders. You too will become an one if you live long enough. How do YOU want to be treated?

The elderly in general (but these featured artists we know of in particular) need help. They gave us invaluable music and entertainment for decades that helped US through depression, hurt, pain, etc. of the greatest healer of the soul, mind and spirit.

It's true that some...made mistakes, AS WE ALL DO, that helped cause their particular predicament today. They were ignorant at the time and couldn't see afar off, LIKE WE ALL. Were ignorant about how the future may affect them to urge them to make certain preparations as was possible. They never set aside, never invested, instead they frivolously squandered what they had..."living for the day". Now being old and helpless, these elders are set aside as...DISPOSABLES. 

That's life...their life now...but it could be you and me tomorrow...IF...we live long enough.

"Let Love Be..."


See Video ---> Bounty Killer Helping Junior Byles and more.