Maverickforlife's "Easy Like Sunday show" is "DEMON" Music?

December 10, 2019

This past Sunday's (December 8th 2019) edition of "The Easy Like Sunday Morning Show", the first of the usual three segments, was nothing out the ordinary. It was...well...."Easy", Lighthearted, Encouraging, Inspiring to many, moving us to LIVE "One Day At A Time" and to "Make The Best Of It." Yet this segment of the show in particular was BLOCKED in the UK and Europe. What popped up when you clicked the Youtube link was simply; "This video contains content from DEMON MUSIC." Exactly as the image posted here shows. So of course the first reaction was Wtf!

We checked the playlist and listened again to the contents of the show to find what could possibly be considered "Demon Music" to warrant getting blocked in; Portugal, Slovakia, Malta, France, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Finland, Czechia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Greece, Latvia and Germany....and found absolutely nothing. So I continued to inquire scratching out what's left of my "dreads".


Lo and behold we learned there was nothing Demonic about Sunday's show or music after all. It was blocked by a MUSIC GROUP called "DEMON". How ironic it was to find out that they where the actual self proclaimed "DEMON(S)" responsible for blocking the shows contents. 

Bottom line is YES, they can do that...unfortunately. DEMONS can do just about anything since "Adam & Eve." They OWN the music YOU spent your HARD EARNED money as DJs to purchase both DIGITALLY and on VINYL, NOT YOU. THEY OWN YOUR SHIT! Even though YOU already PAID for it. Buying music does not give you the RIGHT to claim it has yours. It doesn't make any sense to me, maybe I'm missing something and I'm open to being educated on it. But it seems like a lot of BULLSHIT sorry. I'd like to see that "claim" applied to Shoes, Clothes, Furniture, Cars and CONDOMS. You buy them but you don't own them so you can't just use or wear them as you please. WTF! Smfh. But what do I know.

So for now my friends and fans in the UK and Europe, if you love or even just "like" the music from "The "Easy Like Sunday Morning Show" that's aired bi-weekly LIVE here on, you may want to tune in when it's LIVE because the Youtube upload will get blocked, Sorry. Thanks anyway for being fans, much love to you "for life". We'll continue to play good music for you, music you love and haven't heard in quite sometime because nobody else is playing them, or even some you've never heard before that you can appreciate.

Respect to those DJs, Stations and Channels that are playing the current music of the day, there are still many to choose from. What we play on the "REAL VIBES" you don't find as easily anymore, so we've created a place for those music and for you right here on Until the next Sunday when "The Easy Like Sunday Show" is LIVE again...continue to visit the YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE, Subscribe, Share, Like, Comment and Perpetuate "More Love...More Life." Peace. - By Maverickforlife.