January 1, 2020

By Maverickforlife

A very HEALTHY and if possible, wealthy New Year to all REAL VIBES fans.

2019 is now behind us. Unfortunately (as I've just found out) some didn't make it to complete even this day. They made it all the way up to the endpoint of 2019 and crossed into 2020 then no further. Sad. But you're reading you and I, WE made it. No need be thankful, as that would arrogantly make it seem as if we were more special or more important than those who didn't make it. We made it for reasons that are still unknown and only speculative. What's important is what we do from here onward with the life we still have. 

The trials and tribulations, the pain, the hurt, the disappointments, the losses of 2019 and before, can only follow us if we take them. They have no real legs. Let them go...they are dead weight. move on ahead.

With "CLEAR VISION"..."20/20 Vision"...with a more focused purpose we're going to make this year starting right now...THE BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES. Thanks for being a part of the REAL VIBES family.

More love and more life to all.