December 23, 2019

By Maverickforlife

Daughter Makeda Lara along with siblings of veteran Reggae Artist Derrick Lara wrote yesterday; "we are asking for prayers, as daddy is not doing well."

Very sad words indeed for any loved one to utter at anytime but especially this time of year when families usually set all aside for celebrating. She wrote earlier; "I never imagined that so many of you have such a love for my daddy and his music. I haven't been the same since he was diagnosed with cancer."  I feel her pain. Stay strong my sistah.

Derrick Lara was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer soon after his birthday (November 6th) where after eating "Roast Fish" with some brethren. He started "bringing up everything" unable to keep even drink in his stomach. As those who've experienced the dreaded Cancer with friends and family will was downhill very rapidly from there. Not to mention the added stress of being "moved from one hospital to another"...definitely doesn't help. 

The family has been struggling with Hospital bills first in Jamaica now here in the USA where he is now trying to get whatever help they can for him. "We have taken daddy out of the hospital (In Jamaica) and took him home because we feel with home care , natural herbals, alkaline diet, and treatments as an out patient will take away the everyday costs of hospital, which piles up quickly. The family has paid hundreds of thousands of Jamaican dollars already for his bills and this go fund me is to just pay off the balances...the doctors wont do anything for daddy till they are paid.. PLUS.. the greasy unhealthy foods at the hospitals were not in balance to fighting cancer.. WHO serves a cancer victim fried chicken???"

Again those who live in the States know how it is with no insurance and depending on your citizenship status, it is just about impossible to get help without lots of money.

Those who are able to help can do so at his ---> GO FUND ME PAGE

Earlier this month Derrick Lara wrote:

"Good afternoon everyone... I awoke today in pain, i prayed, and i rose up to see another day. Some of the stress over doctor bills and hospital expenses are slowly going away as i see how many of you have commented health and love to me, and those of you who have so graciously donated to my gofundme . I was brought home to my yard where i can cut down hospital expenses and pay them and de doctors them off. Every bit of help goes directly into a derrick medical fund, designed to pay off my expenses and get me started into a healing program. My brother tommy has put me on a strict alkaline diet and glucose free diet, which my daughter and son are guiding me with. I have to sometimes use a cane but i try to get out of bed after resting and do some physical therepy as well. My son will be here with me today coming in from miami. ill be so thankful and full of joy. I do also want to thank josephine and ann for their heartfelt love and guidance and doing a major part helping with expenses. I also want to thank me bredren courtney from TAMLINS for being by my side and helping the family.. is a true soldjah.. Also germaine my studio partner friend and photo and videographer.. for also saving me and being by my side, a real love.. for me nephew trey who stayed with me all day and sometimes nights.... to all who came and visited.. to all of you who have had me in your prayers i can truly feel the gods energy.. your prayers and all your love have given me strength... as for Derrick Lara Muzik Publishings LLC, i cant stop thanking you DLMP LLC for not stopping.. You have officially saved my music and music career from vultured no good doers.. Yes it is official this is my company.. and as director i make sure my team is pushing all my new music.. All i want to hear is the dj's playing the legends not jus me... educate the youth with the original culture of roots reggae.. so play de music selectahs
AHHH BWOY... me tired, fe talk while me friend a type here fe me.. i love you all