December 12, 2019

By Maverickforlife

Buju Banton aboard the Jamrock REGGAE Cruise for 2019 held back no punches about the Cell Phone picture (and video) taking epidemic that has now fully taken over Jamaica as with the rest of the world. Particularly "these new Jamaicans" and ironically the "men" even more than the women.

One time gone "back in the day" men used to hide when "the video man" came around the "dance HALLS" to record a glimpse of the females underwear when dem "skin out" or wen dem a "bubble & wine". "Man an man" didn't want their faces on camera because either somebody was looking for them, from; Immigration, to The Police, "The Feds", another "Badman", their REAL Wife(y) or the "Woman ah di yaad". But "Now-a-days"...everybody and their grand-somebady is doing "selfies" to be seen and heard and go viral an "buss." 

Maybe we have less reasons to hide for these days or we've simply become so caught up in the trends that we've forgotten how easily pictures more so videos as Buju says; can and will "sell you out". Ironically you'll be doing it to your "SELF-ie". So why Jamaicans now a days "Trust Phone" so much? Maybe you know more than I do. For me and Buju..."Mi nuh trust phone..." View the clip of Buju aboard Jamrock Cruise here.