Where you're coming from? Where you going?

December 29, 2019

By Maverickforlife

One can go from "Rags" to "Riches" and back to Rags again if not careful, or if not surrounded by "goodhearted" people who genuinely cared for with your "Rags" and not just now with your "Riches".

Most importantly never give up on what NATURAL "gifts" or "Talents" you have. Never lose your PASSION or let anyone snuff it out like a candle because they don't SEE what you SEE (VISION). After all YOU are the one SEEING it. It doesn't matter that they don't.

Regardless of the naysayers...even when it seems you're going nowhere quickly in this "gimme RIGHT NOW" plane we live on....NEVER GIVE UP. This race may not be for the swift, but with persistence and dedication, eventually it will pay off. Also PAY...doesn't always have to mean monetary first or always. Again, it may not seem like it these days, but there are other things just as or more important than money.

CHANGING MIND-Set for "2020".

My THEME: "RESET-2020"....

With reNEWed "SIGHT" (20/20) or New perfect "VISION" (20/20)...without glasses...moving "forward ever and backward never."

Watch the inspiring Video ---> Where is he now?