January 4, 2020

By Maverickforlife

Congratulations "Flourgon".

As many of you probably heard by now, Reggae artist Flourgon won a copyright settlement from Miley Cyrus for her use of words from his song "we run things" in one of her songs. You can watch the video linked below.

So what does this mean for other artists going forward? How does it affect Reggae artists sampling R&B and Hip Hop songs without permission or acknowledgement? Will it eventually include artists who at concerts go onstage and sing other artists songs? Interesting to see how it develops.

One thing for sure...REGGAE MUSIC...considered by the ignorant these days, as "OLD people music", is still "running tings" worldwide. So big up to the FOUNDATION ARTISTS and those younger and  upcoming artists who show "RESPECT..." to those who help "set it" and are also doing their part in keeping the music ever "upfull". Bless. "ONSTAGE" INTERVIEW.